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Domain Name Registration and Management

Fosshost provides a domain name registration and management service to all open-source projects eligible for our services. Domains are only available as part of a wider application where other services are consumed.  We do not approve applications for a domain name only.

We understand that many new projects may not have a domain name for their project and/or simply do not have the time or patience to manage DNS hosting for their domain names. We can provide that service so that projects can instead focus on developing.

Fosshost uses different domain name registrars, depending on cost.

Fosshost DOES NOT get involved with domain transfers or any complex domain negotiations or discussions.  Please do not ask.

How to apply for a domain name

You can apply for a domain name via our application form. Please check that your domain is available before applying.


Note we only accept domain names with the following TLDs:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .tech
  • .website
  • .info

DNS Hosting and Nameservers

You are free to sign up for DNS hosting with any provider. Many people prefer or

It is your choice and responsibility to provide nameservers. Fosshost does not provide nameservers or DNS hosting. 

Domain WHOIS

We generally activate privacy guard services to protect WHOIS information, since end users are typically individuals. In the event that privacy guard is not available, the legal information for Fosshost will be displayed publicly on the WHOIS record.

Domain Renewals

We will take care of any domain renewals for as long as your project continues to be fit and active.  

If your domain has been registered with Gandi, it is a requirement that you ensure that you have Gandi_Supports and fosshost1 invited to your Team at all times.