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Code of Conduct

What we expect in return for helping your project:

  • Undertaking that you will adhere to the Legal Terms of our service;
  • Acceptance of the Eligibility Criteria and Code of Conduct (this page);
  • Familiarize yourself with the Mutual Respect Policy;
  • Display the Fosshost logo on your website and README if you have a Git repository, the logo should be linked to the Fosshost website;
  • Join and participate in our digital community and make new friends, and meet other projects;
  • Subscribe to network maintenance notifications and incident statuses.

We do and will enforce that the Code of Conduct is being adhered to, through various means, not but limited to, manual and automated checks.

Overall, our mission is to provide a community where projects can access a world-class hosting service for their open-source software project. Many interesting people from small and large open-source projects maintain an active presence in our community. We provide a thriving community promoting, advancing and supporting the use of free open-source software. You can join our community irrespective of whether you are approved for hosting or not.