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How You Can Help

There are several ways for you to help Fosshost.

Talk about us!

One of the most effective ways to help Fosshost is to talk about us to your friends, colleagues, fellow projects and network. We appreciate activity on social media that creates engagement and interest in Fosshost and we will always be more than happy to respond to your efforts to show our appreciation. Other ways you can talk about Fosshost include event speaking, online talks, events, podcasts, blogging and news articles.


We survive solely on donations of infrastructure and services. Typically, these would cost several thousand a month if we had to purchase them. We are very lucky, thanks to our hosting sponsors and supporters, that we are able to offer our services at no charge and therefore make this cost go away which means that we do not need to pass it on you. This does mean that we have to operate a very strict and stringent application review process.

Sadly, donations of infrastructure and services do not cover unexpected or emergency costs. Often, hard costs need paying for upfront and, without the means to be able to do so, we may have to consider more adventurous and alternative ways to fix problems or raise funds. Luckily, as a group of experts, we often have pioneering and groundbreaking solutions to some of the most simple problems and, in keeping with the open-source spirit, frequently they do not cost money, but rather time, effort, and energy.

Please consider donating back to Fosshost if you are a project that is established, receives funds or donations for the work you do. Your donation will help to plug this gap so that we can continue to keep the lights on, no matter what. Alternatively, we are always interested in hearing from projects who have suggestions or ideas on ways we can fundraise.

If you would like to donate or find out further information please visit our donate page.

Make referrals

Very often, projects we help will have built an extensive list of contacts and relationships with organizations that provide managed hosting services, hardware manufacturers, carriers, software development houses, and more. If you feel that making an introduction between Fosshost and said contact would be advantageous to our project, we would be very happy to engage in dialogue. You can do so via email or any other of our digital channels — we are never too afraid to get stuck in and talk about Fosshost. This is equally relevant to attending events either in-person or online, shows, tech meetups or talks.


You can offer to help us by volunteering, please visit here to see ways in which you can volunteer.


We always appreciate feedback, good and bad. You can submit feedback using our TrustPilot.