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Ready to volunteer at Fosshost?

We love to hear from individuals, groups, or organizations who wish to volunteer, contribute or donate to the Fosshost project.

You can reach out to our volunteering team by contacting us with a covering letter and CV to tell us why you think you would be a good fit!

Full training is offered to all volunteers, and you are automatically eligible for any of the Fosshost services as our way of saying thank you.

Learning and Education

By volunteering, you will have the opportunity to provide and support world-class hosting facilities to many open source projects and good causes. From system administration, build requests, and providing community support, we need your help.  We operate mixed architecture, and some of the projects are shifting upwards 20TB per month. You will have the autonomy to make a real difference and impact and receive mentoring to provide critical support to some of the most important open-source projects.  

Our volunteering program is particularly useful for students and apprentices wanting to learn Linux, virtualization, and the responsibilities of managing a large and global infrastructure. Many students are already benefiting from the skills and hands-on experience, and we pride ourselves on using bleeding-edge technology to offer projects with a stable hosting experience, which can allow them to grow.

Available Volunteering Opportunities

  • FossFest Event Organisers 2022
  • Network Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Blog Writer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer

We are in the process of writing job specifications and descriptions for the above roles.  In the mean time, please talk to us if you are interested.