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The Fosshost Team

Fosshost is a UK Community Interest Company run entirely by volunteers. We do not pay or provide "in-kind" remuneration, with one exception: volunteers are generally eligible to host their FOSS projects.

The Fosshost Team consists of The Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team and Capability Domain Owners (CDO) and Core Volunteers.  The Advisory Committee Board (ACB) is an independent committee that sits outside of our hierarchy with a Fosshost Representative attending each meeting.  

Each volunteer is vitally essential, and we are each of equal importance. We contribute and share decisions collaboratively as much as possible. We are each empowered to contribute in our own unique and individual ways. As a project, we generate educational, academic, scientific, and research opportunities for aspiring individuals who have a passion for technology and drive to improve the open-source landscape. You can join the team by offering to volunteer.

The Board of Directors

The Fosshost executive team partners to guarantee against legal obligations under the UK and other applicable law, ensure that we are model citizens of the FOSS ecosystem, trustworthy custodians and that our work together is ethical, gratifying, and excellent. The Board of Directors are registered with Companies House as official company officers and can be viewed here

Thomas Markey, Chief Executive Officer (he/him)

Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Fosshost. He founded the project in March 2020 and is responsible for managing overall operations and resources. In addition, he is responsible for the primary communication between the board of directors and the volunteering team. Thomas manages all the supplier relationships ensuring that we provide world-class service.

Corwin Brust, Chief Operating Officer (he/him)

Corwin is the Chief Operating Officer, with overall responsibility for our day-to-day operations. Corwin lives in Minneapolis, USA, and father of five children. He also volunteers for Science Fiction related non-profits and conventions, The Free Software Directory, GNU Savannah, GNU Emacs, and EmacsConf. Corwin, along with several life-long friends, is creating an RPG engine for GNU Emacs in his free time. Corwin likes Emacs.

Senior Operational Leads

Fosshost Senior Operational Leads report directly into Corwin Brust (COO) and will typically have a smaller team that report directly into them such as Capability Domain Owners. Overall, Operational Leads form part of the Senior Leadership Team.  The Operational Leads play an important role in the day to day operations of our organisation. 

Chris Johnson (he/him), Chief Technology Officer

Alyx Wolcott (he/him), Chief People Officer

Lillaia Anderson (she/her), Chief Financial Officer

Niklas Anderson (he/him), Head of Projects

Bruno Miguel (he/him), Head of Community Relations

Capability Domain Owners

Capability domain owners (CDO) are subject matter experts.  They are regular and trusted volunteers who routinely make time for those who depend on our project, our tenants and their users, partners, and contributors. Many of our volunteers host their FOSS development projects with us. Most of them have jobs, classes, kids, and other important volunteer commitments. Their dedicated service is the heart-beat of our global network of FOSS information and technology services. 

Ben Harris (he/him), CDO - Mirrors

Alyx Wolcott (he/him), CDO - Domain Registration

Alex Vanhecke (he/him), CDO - Shared Hosting

Seth Knights (he/him), CDO - UX

Ryan Knipe (he/him), CDO - Applications

Carlos Eduardo (he/him), CDO - DevSecOps

Core Volunteers

We have a number of core developers who report directly into a CDO.  These individuals will often be a first point of contact with projects and support Fosshost systems. 

Aman Harwara (he/him)

Jeeho Ahn (he/him)

Ayane Satomi (he/him)

Arsen Arsenovic (he/him)

Chris Mills (he/him)

Graham Howard (he/him)

Colin Clark (he/him)

Samuel Corwin (he/him)

Ken Goodfriend (he/him)

Yan Horobtsov (he/him)

Eric Zhu (he/him)

Fosshost Advisory Committee Board (ACB)

The ACB includes Industry Experts, FOSS Advocates and Academics at both local and international level. Committee Members contribute a set number of hours every quarter. The advisory reports into and provides the Fosshost Board with expert knowledge and research that allows the board to shape our strategy and vision. ACB Members are volunteers and often run workshops, seminars or help mentor aspiring volunteers within the Fosshost community. Similarly, ACB members often are an expert in a particular field of open source, and occasionally, are paired with projects that may benefit from their field of expertise. 

Dr Miquel Duran-Frigola PhD (he/him)

I am a computational biologist with a background in chemistry. My research focuses on data-driven drug discovery. I have published 22 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and I am the first or corresponding author in 12 of them. Recently, I’ve led the development of the Chemical Checker, a computational platform for systems pharmacology. Now, I am willing to bring the Chemical Checker closer to the clinics, especially in neglected areas. I spend most of my free time on fiction writing.

Dr Luis Falcon M.D (he/him)

Luis Falcón, M.D., MSc, holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the California State University (USA) and in Medicine from IUCS, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He has a Master's degree in Genomics and Medical Genetics from the University of Granada (Spain). Dr Falcon is a social, animal rights and free software activist. He is the founder and president of GNU Solidario, a nonprofit humanitarian organisation focused on the advancement of Social Medicine. Dr Falcon is the author of GNU Health, the award-winning Free/Libre digital health ecosystem. He is a guest speaker at international conferences about Free Software, eHealth and Social Medicine.

Ariadne Conill (she/her)

I have spent the majority of my life hacking on free software. My work includes starting the IRCv3 project, writing a lot of the code commonly used in IRC servers, writing Audacious (a popular Linux music player), libucontext, pkgconf, ifupdown-ng and several other key components of Alpine, contributing security and privacy fixes to ActivityPub (the protocol) and its implementations like Mastodon and Pleroma, packaging software for Debian, Ubuntu, and Alpine, and is one of the key people who got Alpine Linux off the ground and where it is today.