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Mutual Respect Policy

The Fosshost project is home to many wonderful projects. With this comes a mixture of cultures, personalities, and opinions. In the spirit of ensuring that everybody gets along with each other, it is important to practice mutual respect for one another.

The Mutual Respect Policy is expected to be followed by everyone in any of our digital communications.

  1. Be respectful and mindful of one another;
  2. Listen to the views and opinions of others — we are all equal;
  3. Bad or foul language will not be tolerated — expect to be removed if you ignore this;
  4. Please do not insult other people, companies or providers;
  5. Read the product documentation before asking your question, as most of your questions are already answered there;
  6. Talk clearly and concisely;
  7. If you have an issue, please provide exact detail or specific replication steps — we do not read minds;
  8. Be patient. Our volunteers are in different time zones;
  9. No shouting in capital letters; and
  10. No politics or religious discussions.