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Hosting Sponsorships

Fosshost is incredibly grateful and thankful for all the donations of infrastructure. These donations enable us to support and assist in the creation, development, build and, design the movement of free software.  If you think you should be listed on this page please email board (at)

Fosshost Core Hosting Sponsors iomart Group PLC Host Lincoln Ltd FDC, LLC HOSTKEY B.V. of Amsterdam Serverius B.V. of Amsterdam DigitalOcean, Inc.
Equinix Metal Equinix, Inc., Oregon State University Open Source Labs

Fosshost AArch64 Hosting Sponsors

Further details regarding sponsors (a part of the Fosshost Initiative) can be found at

Ancillary Project Supporters (Domain Registration Services) (Service Monitoring Tool) (Web Hosting)

We regularly write short stories about our hosting sponsorships and how they have benefited Fosshost and the wider community. You can read more about these short stories on our website and blog.

If you are an organization or project who has the means and budget to purchase affordable hosting, please consider whether our sponsors may be able to provide your project with suitable services.


iomart group PLC who is a £100m+ Scottish-based cloud technology provider listed on the UK Stock Exchange in 2000. iomart has acquired several successful cloud hosting companies during its 20-year trading history, and today provides services to the open-source community, including Fosshost.  

Jolt, also known as Host Lincoln Ltd, is a managed hosting provider that offers a range of professional hosting services including virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Operating predominantly within the UK, has donated a server to Fosshost which is used within our Nottingham, UK region.

Hostkey is a global cloud hosting company with a presence in Russia, the Netherlands, and the United States. They were one of the very first cloud providers to offer GPU dedicated servers with a premium feel. Hostkey operates from Tier 3 data centers and operates a state-of-the-art network with significant throughput and network performance. Hostkey has donated a server to Fosshost for virtualization. You can use the following promo code B9I2WRVC09 to get a 7% discount on all services. 

Serverius is a leading Netherlands-based managed IT service provider who run their own independent, state-of-the-art facilities in Meppel, Apeldoorn, and Dronten. They work with world-class carriers and provide aggregation solutions to businesses and organizations across the globe. Serverius has kindly donated a server to the Fosshost project and BGP / Cross-Connect into Speed-IX.


DigitalOcean is a leading developer cloud hosting provider who offers droplets, Kubernetes, and various 1-click deployments from several regions across the globe. The Fosshost project has an agreement with DigitalOcean which allows us to utilize their infrastructure to deliver services in regions where we do not have a local presence.  


FDCServers have been operating in business since 2001. They were one of the very first providers to offer unmetered and dedicated connectivity solutions. They operate a 25+ Tbps backbone and host more than 5000 dedicated servers. FDCServers is a very good option for projects who may be located in Asia, the Pacific, and Oceania because of their strong connectivity links.

Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal is a global leader in colocation with more than 205 data centers in 25 countries. The Equinix Metal offering enables bare-metal infrastructure to be deployed through a seamless API developer-led platform. Equinix provides support to the Fosshost project, and we currently have some bare-metal and BGP deployed in North Dallas and Sunnyvale.


The lab, in partnership with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, provides hosting for more than 160 projects, including those of worldwide leaders like the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation, and Drupal. Together, the OSL’s hosted sites deliver nearly 430 terabytes of information to people around the world every month. The most active organization of its kind, the OSL offers world-class hosting services, professional software development, and on-the-ground training for promising students interested in open source management and programming. OSUOSL provides a node to the project.